Customer Satisfaction 

Deborah Lee, United Kingdom April 19, 2019

Everything I expected and more. I buy from Art quite a bit and this painting is by far my favourite piece.

Amr Mallassi, Spain Dec 15, 2018

Stunning painting. can;t believe how beautiful in real life. Joe is a true professional and I aim to follow and buy more paintings from him in the future.

Paul Mckowen, United States June 11, 2018

Wow breathtaking, can't take my eyes of this painting. A gentleman and true artist. Painting arrived on time and professionally packaged 


Vlk Vlk, Slovakia Dec. 28, 2017

Great artist, wonderful artwork. Many thanks.

Nathan Crouch, United Kingdom Dec. 6, 2017

Fantastic piece of work and will be keeping an eye on his work for other pieces

Steven Dowling, United Kingdom Oct. 18, 2017

Dear Joe I can't thank you enough for your care, attention and support during the delivery of 'Silk'. You ensured the safe delivery and your generous and genuine offer of whatever assistance you could provide put my mind at ease, thank you again. Almost don't want to do a review of 'Silk'! ... don't want to attract too much attention to an artist whose work overall stopped me in my tracks; I have told Joe that if means where of no consequence to me, he would have a fairly empty studio, and my walls in my house would be I splendour. 'Silk' mesmerized me from the start; Joe has captured the beauty, grace and subtle elegance of youth, vitality and opportunity perfectly. The painting is even more mind blowing in the real and the contrast and control of colour, contour and overall tone has been mastered. Joe's painting grabs your attention, and although it's inevitable that his work will undoubtedly be shipped around the world (and justly so!), I do hope to be able to be in a position to purchase some other of his work before the demand on him is likely to compete with supply! Joe, my warmest wishes for your on going success. Steven

Nigel Thompson, United Kingdom Sept. 15, 2017

A fantastic experience from start to finish. Joe was great at communication (as was the Artfinder team), delaying sending the pics until I'd moved house. The pics are amazing and outstanding pièces of portraiture, the sense of 'being' and detail in each is exceptional. It's obvious that the way Joe paints allows for a greater character/edge to be built up in each piece, these are not '2D starers'. Certainly an artist who'll stay on my radar. Many thanks Joe, unfortunately still decorating so pièces are yet to be hung. Nigel

Gillian Brailey, United Kingdom Sept. 1, 2016

Hi Joe, just arrived in St Leonard's and opened up the painting. It is such a dynamic, potent image, and one I feel I will never tire of gazing at. I love it. Many thanks. Gill

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