Mullo (Joe Mulligan) is an Irish born artist who from a young age fell in love with the magic of cartoons. He’d spend hours upon hours sitting watching Disney movies and drawing what he saw in the comics his parents would buy him. This passion continued throughout he’s teenage years and he worked relentlessly on developing his artistic style and abilities. When in his twenties he was offered the opportunity work for Don Bluth Animation Studios, this turned out to not only be a dream come true, but the beginning of the twenty plus year career as an animator working on many feature films and television shows for Warner Bros, Disney, Fox, BBC and Cartoon Network just to name a few.


My years in the animation industry thought me much about being a professional artist. It thought me that I am ever learning, that I will never stop developing as an artist and a person. I decided after a long happy career as an animator that I needed to express my creative self in new ways, take on my next challenge as an artist. I started painting and I have not looked back. I’ve realized through painting that all the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to live so far in this life are waiting within me. All the joys and all the pains, all parts of who I am, a bank of emotional knowledge wishing to out! Painting allows me to remove my filters and express who I am and what I wish to share. Portraiture or abstract expression, both forms and styles coexist within me, but they are two different voices taking center stage at different times. They remind me there are many parts to who I am, that I am an ever changing work in progress.

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